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Criticism and Commentary Review for Bullis Charter School, Los Altos, CA

This site is dedicated to bringing information to Los Altos and Hills parents and citizens who wish to stop our neighborhood public schools from being destroyed by Bullis Charter School.

Concerned parents across the USA should also take heed: the battle going on in Los Altos is one that may come you your town as well. Boutique Charter Schools are on the rise and threaten to kick thousands of kids out of the schools they love, ripping apart some of the best communities in the country.

Bullis Charter School was founded by a small, vengeful group of wealthy people and their high-paid lawyers. The public school near them closed (it re-opened a few years later as Gardner Bullis School). This made them very angry.

Instead of starting a private school--trivial for people of these means--this group chose a divisive and disruptive path in creating a charter school which most liken to a publicly-funded private school--using the laws in a way nobody ever intended. The school is now engaged in a seemingly permanent campaign of lawsuits against our school district.

Even though the school that was closed is now re-opened, they continue to fight the District and--get this--they even want to re-close the school that started the whole mess, disrupting the education for hundreds of kids and damaging the local community.

Make no mistake: this school is not about "innovation in education" or "offering an alternative" and certainly not "saving money"--it's the most expensive-to-run publicly-funded school in the area and its founders stated that they explicitly wanted to copy the District schools exactly. No, those are all just excuses. This school was started because some parents got mad at some school district administrators (who are not even around any more).

This site was created by LASD parents who want to stop this insanity. Our task will not be easy. We are up against some of the richest families in Silicon Valley. All we can do is make our voice heard, and make sure everybody knows the truth. Bullis Charter School supporters have a history of lying to get what they want. They think the citizens of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills will believe anything they put on a lawn sign or a newspaper ad.

Using this site and every other method of getting the word out, we will expose lies, offer materials to counter their relentless marketing machine, and let parents know vital background to keep informed about this important battle for the soul of our community.